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Passionate About Judo Since 2003

Island Judo Club

Island Judo Club has been active in the Singapore Judo community since 2003, teaching the basic principles of Judo in order to maximize the efficient use of mind and body.

Judo is practiced by people worldwide from all ages, genders and backgrounds. Some train, in order to stay fit or to build confidence and to develop self-defence skills. Others use Judo for its educational qualities and to teach respect and discipline (for the younger ones), or for competitive reasons as judo is an Olympic sport with competitors worldwide.

Above all, people practice Judo because it is fun. It is the gentle way that teaches you how to throw and be thrown without hurting each other and how to keep getting up after being thrown down, without ever giving up.

Island Judo Club welcomes all Judokas and enthusiasts since 2003.

If you are interested join use for a trial class or contact us for any questions.

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